The Investment Strategy.

The Asset Management Team will use their combined skills and experience to source and research investment opportunities for the Company. Following completion of due diligence on any proposed investment the Asset Management Team will make investments and procure assets at their discretion.

Investments and asset purchases will be assessed for their potential to provide capital growth in the short, medium and long term, and their ability to provide regular interest or income to the fund.  The Asset Management Team’s “strategic allocation” model for the deployment of funds and assets will produce a broad investment base, as shown in the examples below:

Examples of investments:

  • Forex trading
  • Stock trading (day trading)
  • UK Land development
  • Commercial’ UK property
  • UK and International Property development
  • UK and International Commercial Investments

Company Assets and Security

Within their investment strategy, the Asset Management Team is mindful of the Company’s stability for the longer term. Therefore the strategy will include utilising the retained net profits of the Company to procure fixed assets and real estate, which will provide a second tier of security for the Company, a potential further income stream and therefore a longer-term legacy for charitable donations.

Company Process Flowchart

PVG process flow chart

How the returns are generated

  1. Loan Note funds received into the Company.
  2. Investments made into various projects. If sales commission is generated, this is retained within the fund to strengthen its investments or asset base.
  3. Interest or investment income generated by the investments is returned to the Company.
  4. Loan Note interest is paid to investors.
  5. Asset Management Team fees are paid.
  6. Charitable donations are made.
  7. Residual funds will procure real estate and other assets within the Company.
  8. This cycle will continue with both new and existing Company funds.


Exit Route

The standard investment period is a 5-year term. We will contact you at least 6 months before the maturity date to identify whether you wish to exit the investment or enter into a new Loan Note if this option is available.

This Loan Note is designed as a 5 year investment, however, should your circumstances necessitate early redemption we will do our best to facilitate this.

Please contact the Company in writing to inform us you wish to redeem the Loan Note. The Company cannot guarantee early redemption within a specific timescale and there could be a delay in paying your interest or in returning your capital whilst some of the Company investments are rearranged to accommodate the redemption.

If you wish to transfer your Loan Note to another party, please contact the Company in writing. The new investor must qualify for the investment and comply with the terms of the Loan Note Instrument.