The Company was established to invest in a variety of UK and International investment opportunities that are well placed to offer capital growth or income.

The Asset Management Team have a range of skills and each have many years’ experience in the fields of finance, investment and business development. Their skills and knowledge also includes, property development, pension & investment advice, business structuring and management skills. They will utilise these combined skills to identify projects and investments to benefit the Company and the Loan Note holders.


The Asset Management Team coordinate the investment strategy of the company. They will source and invest in risk/reward-balanced property and financial products. The objective of the team is to build a fund containing assets that provide investors with regular income and long term security. This will give investors the opportunity to indirectly participate in a broad range of projects that they may not usually have access to with smaller investment amounts.


 The ethos of the Company is to also benefit the wider community. In addition to the interest paid to investors, the Company will donate a minimum of 10% of its net profit to selected charities and deserving causes. Our investors are also invited to put forward charities close to their hearts to be considered for funding.